At the moment I haven’t   got this part of my website working as an effective sales siteí   because as you can probably appreciate statues come and go (sometimes very quickly)   and my computer skills are not so hot as to change things too regularly.   Also making statues using mostly hand tools is time consuming and I canít   churn them out at a speed that means you can be highly commercial.

  So I chip away and my blocks of stone and I try to add some photos of pieces   I have made onto my gallery page to give you an idea of what I make rather than   what is available at any one time.

Another factor which I havenít   figured out yet is how to transport sometimes fairly intricately carved pieces   safely over any great distance ie. packing and transporting. I have moved some   pieces around the Hawkes Bay and Wellington regions, but not further a-field,   so if anyone is interested in moving statues this is another cost they have   to consider on top of the cost of the statue.

  Stone can break so it needs to be packed carefully and stone is VERY heavy.



Putting the pieces together.
Situation             in the end


An example       of a problem we had with weight was when we were putting together my big       Nikau Palm piece. This is a statue made in two pieces each weighing just       under a tonne. We asked our local trucking firm to help us put the statue       together using some of their guys and their forklift. The forklift lifted       the stone easily enough but when it started moving with the weight on the       front the stone was so heavy that the forklift sunk through the very ancient       asphalt on our drive and got stuck up to its axles in our drive.

  They had to get a BIG truck to come and pull the forklift out!