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Basking lizard - side view656 viewsLizards are another favourite of mine. This one is made out of an off-cut and is approx. 30cm long.
Basking Lizard - back view620 views
Lizard Sun Dial519 viewsI usually make individual lizards basking on a rock but in this piece I decided that it would be fun having lizards scampering up a column.
fern bowl541 viewsA few months ago I was asked to make a birdbath. I was given dimensions for the bowl, but after I started rounding out the outside I was emailed to say they had given me the wrong dimensions. For a long time the round top sat un-formed and alone, then one day I thought of this... based on fern leaves and fronds.
Stands 925mm high. Bowl 400mm across
fern bowl (top)567 viewsLooking down on the fern bowl you can see the repeated swirls from the bowl down through the column. I like the feeling of movement.
Sundial709 viewsMy mum gave me a brass sundial plate for christmas so I had to make a stand for it. Again I've gone for a favourite motif... fern leaves and fronds
tui sundial1.jpg
Tui Sundial side 1521 viewsAround our place we have lots of tuis around in the spring when the Kowhai trees are flowering. I decided I couldn't do justice to Tuis if I tried to get them in proportion with a Kowhai tree so I decided on them squabbling over flax flowers instead.
Art Deco Birdbath403 viewsI don't often work with angles and lines as I'm not truly comfortable with too much structure or symmetry - but I had this idea, and I played with lines and angles - and I think it would sit beautifully outside an Art Deco house that uses similar ideas. (SOLD)
tui sundial2.jpg
Tui Sundial side 2522 viewsThe other side of the sundial showing one tui swooping down upon another.
Total number of tuis on column = 2 flying and 1 defending his flowers
Tui birdbath3019 viewsWhen a friend saw my tui sundial she wanted a birdbath in a similar design... so I made her one. Initially it had a flax leaf design on the base like it has photographed here, but after further consideration I decided it looked better without a base, but with just the column and bowl. Now Tuis, along with other birds, drink and bathe in it daily in Vicky's garden.
sundial 2618 viewsI have a plant in my garden I call an inside-out outdaisy. This sort of gave me the idea for this one.
100cm base and 800cm column = 900cm total
Entwined (view1)360 viewsMe just doodling with stone again and trying to get a shape which makes the stone look fluid. Had fun with this one and different people see different things in it.
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