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Giant Daisy364 viewsI was looking at lawn daisies on the lawn one day (after my husband had been cursing them for coming up so quickly since he had only mown the lawn the day before) and I marvelled at the beauty and simplicity of the humble daisy. So I felt moved to make this. I love this giant daist floating in a sea of little daisies. Its magical.
Stickman thinks373 viewsJust a simple form taking on the guise of a serious thinker
Abstract 1576 viewsStatue approx 600mm tall + 140mm base = 740 total height.
Another doodle in stone. Playing with shapes and shadows.
looking glass.jpg
Through the looking glass (Complete)572 viewsFinally after many months this statue is finally together. Murray thinks its the beginning of my 'crazy' stage. But I like it. It's fun and it makes me smile.
I've decided I want to keep this one so sorry its not for sale.
Toitoi656 viewsInspired by a trip to Hastings when I saw toitoi blowing in the wind.
More dramatic shadows when in full sun - but it doesn't photograph well with extremes in light and shadows
90cm tall including base. Two pieces pinned.
Elegance644 viewsTwo fern fronds and fern leaf.
Statue standing 1.2 metres (plus base)
Nikau palm II485 viewsI enjoy looking at the natural environment around me and constantly find myself drawn to the wonderful forms of the New Zealand bush. In this piece I explore the contrasting shapes of the Nikau Palm – the soft curves and sharp angles of the fronds, the rough rings where old fronds have broken away and the smooth trunk, and the tangle of berries.
Queen to Pawn 7430 viewsWe treat the global warming issue like a game - thinking that we can play around with the environment in the hope of better economic outcomes - and then when this game is over and we've lost the game (our environment) we can put the pieces back on the board and start again.
The Queen piece (on left) shows the sun, its power distorted by growing industrial activity. The Pawn(on right)the flooding, slipping, melting of glaciers.

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The Source (at night)433 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's The SourceApr 04, 2016
Taste of Elegance (at night)434 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's Taste of EleganceApr 04, 2016
Wavy fern lit up at night440 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's Wavy fernApr 04, 2016
A Taste of Elegance484 viewsThis is one of the most time consuming pieces I have ever carved! It took months - to carve out the bowl of the glass, drill thousands of holes to make the laceyness, shape the leaves, and the sanding was a nightmare.
But this piece while formal, is super elegant. I uplight it at night to show the shadows and form. Its one of my current favourites.
Apr 03, 2016
Tui on Flax (Lacey)450 viewsIn Spring there are hundreds of tuis at my place, fighting over kowhais and flax flowers while I work. They are such beautiful birds.
I have been thinking about making a lacey sculpture with birds for a while and a tui on a flax is my first attempt.
This was made a a birthday present for an environmentalist. I hope it sits well amongst your bush/garden and that the tuis fly around it there too. (SOLD)
Apr 03, 2016
Fern Lace483 viewsI keep returning again and again to ferns - perhaps because I love them. This is a smaller version of a fern (65cm) done in a lacey style.Apr 03, 2016
Dale's new beginnings.481 viewsAfter retirement beginnings a new life with new starts and challenges. The fern speaks of the life that has been - and the unfurling frond speaks of the new changes. Happy retirement Dale (SOLD)Apr 03, 2016
Daisy sundial455 viewsAnother ode to the humble daisyApr 03, 2016