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mobius336 viewsSoft flowing shape with no beginning or end.
Statue is 60cm tall (SOLD)
Great expectations484 viewsSoft curves again - Another of my ladies. Speaks for itself really.
statue 650mm high
New Beginnings451 viewsthe top piece of this statue is 1 metre tall, it sits on a plith (not fully shown in photo which is also about a metre tall). The flowing forms representthe unfurling of new fern fronds... new begininngs
Stickman thinks172 viewsJust a simple form taking on the guise of a serious thinker
detail "Escape"257 views
Pillar of Salt 1288 viewsIn the Bible Lot's wife looked back and she was instantly turned into a pillar of salt.
Looking at the world today - at the way we have squandered the world's resources, cutting down forests and polluting rivers and waterways, perhaps it is a good thing to look back and see how the world once was. We need to look back and figure out how to fix it rather than boldly moving on ignoring the signs
'Circles in the sand'380 viewsI was trying to think of an idea for a sculpture for an exhibition which was called "Point to point" for some reason the old join the dots (or dot to dot) came to mind. I did a row of dots and then thought it resembled Neptune's necklace - a seaweed I see on the beach sometimes... Then the patterns of wind and water came to mind - so this piece just evolved.
Twist of Fate (side view)323 views(as before)

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The Source (at night)214 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's The SourceApr 04, 2016
Taste of Elegance (at night)216 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's Taste of EleganceApr 04, 2016
Wavy fern lit up at night220 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's Wavy fernApr 04, 2016
A Taste of Elegance225 viewsThis is one of the most time consuming pieces I have ever carved! It took months - to carve out the bowl of the glass, drill thousands of holes to make the laceyness, shape the leaves, and the sanding was a nightmare.
But this piece while formal, is super elegant. I uplight it at night to show the shadows and form. Its one of my current favourites.
Apr 03, 2016
Tui on Flax (Lacey)217 viewsIn Spring there are hundreds of tuis at my place, fighting over kowhais and flax flowers while I work. They are such beautiful birds.
I have been thinking about making a lacey sculpture with birds for a while and a tui on a flax is my first attempt.
This was made a a birthday present for an environmentalist. I hope it sits well amongst your bush/garden and that the tuis fly around it there too. (SOLD)
Apr 03, 2016
Fern Lace230 viewsI keep returning again and again to ferns - perhaps because I love them. This is a smaller version of a fern (65cm) done in a lacey style.Apr 03, 2016
Dale's new beginnings.234 viewsAfter retirement beginnings a new life with new starts and challenges. The fern speaks of the life that has been - and the unfurling frond speaks of the new changes. Happy retirement Dale (SOLD)Apr 03, 2016
Daisy sundial212 viewsAnother ode to the humble daisyApr 03, 2016