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Around the bend602 viewsI think I must have been a bit 'around the bend' when I was making this. I was just doodling, and this is what came out. It sits at home on a bend and is about 470mm tall.
Squiggle517 viewsI had fun with this one... started making a koru, then decided to put a few kinks in it.
It sort of springs up out of the ground. Haven't really thought of a name for it so its known affectionately as "Squiggle". I have done a series of squiggles in different sizes and kinks.
This one stands about a metre tall (plus base for stability)
Winds of change863 viewsFern fronds unfurling, changing, evolving.
Statue 1.2m tall plus base
Elegance682 viewsTwo fern fronds and fern leaf.
Statue standing 1.2 metres (plus base)
Unfurling Fern512 viewsfern frond uncurling and a fern leaf motif combined.
stands in total about 820mm in height (in total)
Fern frond356 viewsA small piece - depicting the fern frond and leaf (sold)
little sister.jpg
Little sister509 viewsOnly a small statue (only 44cm tall)
It is difficult to see in this photo but there is a nice flowing streak of iron oxide running through the stone which adds to the form and uniqueness of this piece
Flax715 viewsstatue 1000mm tall + 180mm tall base = 1180 total height
Study of light and shadows
Toitoi690 viewsInspired by a trip to Hastings when I saw toitoi blowing in the wind.
More dramatic shadows when in full sun - but it doesn't photograph well with extremes in light and shadows
90cm tall including base. Two pieces pinned.
Wavy fern leaf646 viewsAs a teenager I used to be taken on bush walks by my parents – both of whom were very knowledgeable about plants and trees. They used to argue amongst themselves about specific botanic names and tell me the most amazing things about the plants we passed by. “Wavy fern” (not its biological name – sorry Mum and Dad) is not a small fern but a large glossy one – which I love the undulating shapes.
detail fern leaf453 views
Wavy fern lit up at night482 viewsThis year I bought some cheap $5 solar lights and lit up some of my sculpture... here's Wavy fern
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