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Hide and Seek (in gumboots)241 views"1,2,6,8,10... Coming ready or not!"
Abby loves playing Hide and seek... but she doesn't always follow the rules. (You might notice she's peeping between her fingers)
A Fairy (in Gumboots)232 viewsWhen Abby comes to visit me she loves to put on a fairy dress and wings - (and I'm afraid I couldn't resist putting gumboots on her too)
A Princess (in gumboots)237 views"Don't be silly Gran... Of course Princesses can wear gumboots. Princesses can wear ANYTHING!" says Abby.
Cuddle-time (in gumboots)219 views"I love you sooooooo much Boo... I don't know why you keep running away from me?"
(Boo is my cat)
Balancing on a beach ball (in gumboots)224 views"Hey Gran... ! What's happened to my ball? It's gone a funny shape!"
Sweet Dreams are made of this178 viewsMy littlest granddaughter Jody was only 2 when I carved this. And much to her parents horror she sucks her thumb. But I think she's really sweet
Stickman thinks191 viewsJust a simple form taking on the guise of a serious thinker
Great expectations503 viewsSoft curves again - Another of my ladies. Speaks for itself really.
statue 650mm high
Great Expectations (II)223 viewsI was asked to carve a bigger version of this statue to go outside of the new birthing Unit in Hastings. So instead of 60cm tall, this lady stands 1.3m. So she is taller and a bit further along in her pregnancy. I hope the people going in to the hospital enjoy her.
Great expectations (II) - different view215 views
A dangerous point of view413 viewsAnother of my 'looking through' series. With dangerous, almost lethal spikes or claws guard the organic, blobby viewing portal.
Three pieces pinned together. Total 1320mm tall.
In the Groove381 viewsA neighbour of mine saw one of my other wacky pieces and said 'I bet you can't carve balls suspended within the stone.' I took that as a challenge and here it is! - balls caught in the groove... A really fun, funky piece which always makes me smile.
Stands 1400mm tall
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