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Sea foam710 viewsJust a small statue - 600mm in height (including base)
Reminiscent of a breaking wave and the patterns in the sea foam
State of mind521 viewsOur State of mind is a fragile and beautiful thing which can be destroyed by our own failings - slowly disintegrating making something that has the suggestion of what it once was - but which is now lost.
640mm X 400mm X 320mm
Face 1: The perfect state477 viewsMind and body in harmony with each other makes a perfect pattern of peace and tranquility. Our sense of well-being, our happiness, and our care for one another and the world we live in, are pieces of an intricate pattern which is perfect and complete.
Face 2: Disintegration474 viewsGreed and fear start to eat away at the sense of harmony and erode the perfect state.
Mamaku880 views1 metre tall, my first holely statue using a combination of the leaf of the mamaku tree fern and the unfurling fronds.
Fern734 viewsA more delicate lacey look using the design of a fern leaf.
Stands 700mm high without a base
Nature's Lace731 viewsA lacy design of two interwoven fern leaves.
Stands about 1.5metres tall
Dale's new beginnings.519 viewsAfter retirement beginnings a new life with new starts and challenges. The fern speaks of the life that has been - and the unfurling frond speaks of the new changes. Happy retirement Dale (SOLD)
Fern Lace515 viewsI keep returning again and again to ferns - perhaps because I love them. This is a smaller version of a fern (65cm) done in a lacey style.
Floral lace543 viewsI was really enjoying this piece in my garden, but in November 2011 some scumbag stole this piece and I now have no idea where it could be. If you see it anywhere could you contact me. I would really appreciate getting it back.
Bearded Irises from another angle461 views
Bearded Irises470 viewsInspired by the old Bearded Irises that grow in my garden and perhaps by Van Gough.
Every year these irises pop up and do their thing and I love them
710mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 340mm (d)
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