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Future Dreams663 viewsFour fern fronds unfurling. 1.5 m tall (approx)
un-named484 viewsSometimes I like to just play with stone and see what comes out. This piece was sort of inspired by a combination of manuka and field poppy seed pods.
580mm tall
Flora 2588 viewsStylized study of a clematis flower
approx 840 mm tall
Flora606 views1220 mm tall in total. four pieces pinned together. Study of petals and stamens reminiscent of the campula flowers growing in my garden
Giant Daisy364 viewsI was looking at lawn daisies on the lawn one day (after my husband had been cursing them for coming up so quickly since he had only mown the lawn the day before) and I marvelled at the beauty and simplicity of the humble daisy. So I felt moved to make this. I love this giant daist floating in a sea of little daisies. Its magical.
Daisy sundial455 viewsAnother ode to the humble daisy
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