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Entwined (view 2)376 viewsSame piece as before from a different side
Twist of Fate (side view)493 views(as before)
Twist of Fate (top view)486 views470mm tall. One piece
Play of shadow and light (doodling in stone)
Pillars in Time388 viewsMy work was inspired from a trip to Rome where I saw ancient monuments telling tales of Roman battles and victories.
These two pillars don't speak of such celebrated moments in history, but instead tell some of our own stories. As you walk between them you can travel through the seasons , going to the beach in Summer, playing in leaves in Autumn, having snowball fights in Winter, planting a garden in Spring... etc. They may seem insignificant moments in history , but they make us what we are.
Pillars in Time (column 1)375 viewstravelling through time (bottom to top)
Spring (sheep with lambs), Summer (watering garden and jumping through sprinkler), Autumn (playing in leaves), Winter (walking in cold southerly), Spring (birds nesting, trees blossoming)
Pillars in Time (column 2)371 viewsTravelling through time (from bottom to top)
Summer (at the beach), Autumn (harvest garden and orchard), Winter (snowball fights), Spring (planting garden and chickens), Summer (camping and river)
Column pieces for "Pillars in Time"379 viewsthese columns are constructed the same way as the ancient Romans put their columns together. Each piece is carved and then threaded onto a central post.
detail - autumn column 1377 viewswalking around this piece on this pillar - dad rakes the leaves, a cat chases leaves and on this side kids play in leaves!
Pillar of Salt 1510 viewsIn the Bible Lot's wife looked back and she was instantly turned into a pillar of salt.
Looking at the world today - at the way we have squandered the world's resources, cutting down forests and polluting rivers and waterways, perhaps it is a good thing to look back and see how the world once was. We need to look back and figure out how to fix it rather than boldly moving on ignoring the signs
Pillars of Salt313 viewsas before...
The Answer579 viewsI was thinking about grass blowing around in the wind when I was carving this one and then half way through I under went a slight change of mind... deciding that it would be too busy with lots of swaying lines all over it. So I went for a smooth contrast. So this one I feel is very tactile. You can run you fingers along the wavy lines and then enjoy the cool smoothness of the central core.
Stand 600mm high plus 100mm base (SOLD)
The Answer (backview)576 viewsas before...
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